The database naming convention

The main thing here is of course consistency. Some people need to have plurality for the name to make sense. Because the time is hard to quantify, the small effort required to eliminate it completely is often ignore.

Prefixing is neither good or bad. Anyone that has worked on a long running system can attest to that. Use underscores consistently and for a particular purpose. Some other points are: Columns that were partly dependent on the primary key were directed to another table.

With duplicate data, unnecessary space is used. In a table, a foreign key, normally a single field, directly references a primary key in another table to enforce referential integrity. All field names in non-trivial SQL statements i.

There is a happy medium in both normalization and denormalization, but both require a thorough knowledge of the actual data and the specific business requirements of the pertinent company. How will the user access the database.

A date field could become a timestamp, an int could become a bigint or numeric. Prefixing is also okay for special situations, like for temporary tables that you want to stand out. Spaces are just bad news.

In a way you can consider your database table and column names to be the API to your data model. Remember, normalization can actually slow performance with its frequently occurring table join operations. Oracle Database does not maintain a list of all subset-superset pairs but it does maintain a list of binary subset-superset pairs that it recognizes in various situations such as checking compatibility of a transportable tablespace or a pluggable database.

Remember that the end user is the person who ultimately uses the database. Lastly, security is also provided in the sense that the DBA can grant access to limited tables to certain users.

Key Fields Primary Keys Single column primary key fields should be named id. Column names should be singular however. Singular vs Plural Column Names It might be a good idea to address the thorny issue of plural vs single in your column names as well as your table name s.

The First Normal Form The objective of the first normal form is to divide the base data into logical units called tables. Point 5 - I would avoid this.

You may want to introduce a number at the end of the foreign key name to cater for having more than one referencing column. Some people like to put multiple word names into one word with capital letters separating the word. Normal form is a way of measuring the levels, or depth, to which a database has been normalized.

The first normal form The second normal form The third normal form Of the three normal forms, each subsequent normal form depends on normalization steps taken in the previous normal form.

Confusion is always a threat when, for instance, an address for an employee in one table does not match the address of the same employee in another table. It is more intuitive for someone learning the system. Some of the major benefits include the following: The only thing worse than bad naming conventions is multiple naming conventions.

It helps keep your database from becoming an unmaintainable mess.

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SMITH in another table. This especially a problem if you have a production database that is outside of your office. If you have additions, please help me out by commenting on each page. Calculating the number of characters based on byte lengths can be difficult in a variable-width character set.

This is all the more reason to name things properly before the first use. It should be obvious where the abbreviation makes sense. In multibyte character sets, a character or code point consists of one or more bytes. As more and more publishers and funding agencies require researchers to share their data, developing good data management practices early in you career will make it easier to keep your data organized, meet funder requirements, and prepare data for sharing with others.

A lot of them will also apply to NoSQL databases, though not everything. Naming conventions are important in a database and in application development in general. Having clear, concise names for tables, procedures, etc., is important for many reasons.

Database Conventions

It makes searching for the relevant procedure/table easier. Coming from a C# background the naming convention for variables and method names are usually either CamelCase or Pascal Case: // C# example string thisIsMyVariable = "a" public void ThisIsMyMethod.

Defining naming conventions for your database can help keep your database organized and allow you to quickly filter and identify your Ingredients and Recipes.

This post walks through best practices and tips for creating your own naming convention. Naming conventions allow the development team to design discovereability and maintainability at the heart of the project. A good naming convention takes time to evolve but once it’s in place it allows the team to move forward with a common language.

A good. Windows PowerShell® is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration. Built on Framework, Windows PowerShell® helps IT professionals and power users control and automate the administration of the Windows operating system and.

Do not use sp_ as a prefix. One of the things you do not want to use as a standard is "sp_". This is a standard naming convention that is used in the master database.

The database naming convention
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