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Because of the broad applicable scope, even if the economic concentration of foreign enterprises takes place entirely abroad, if the parties participating in the economic concentration operate in Vietnam through their subsidiaries in Vietnam or have their products or services sold or rendered in the Vietnamese market, the enterprises participating in the economic concentration and the economic concentration activity may also be subject to the Competition Law.

Representative Offices can be established faster and cheaper and as such offer a viable alternative to those who wish to enter the Vietnamese market but do not have the resources or client base to justify the time and expense of establishing a subsidiary.

The reason for such inspection is usually not provided. On March 8,Trump exercised his presidential authority under Section of the Trade Expansion Act of to impose a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports citing national security concerns.

Import duty rates are classified into three categories, including common rates, preferential rates and special preferential rates.

The labour authority must issue the work permit within seven business days on receipt of a complete application file. Dismissal is a disciplinary action imposed for a breach of "labour discipline" and is only permitted in a few limited cases, as set out in the labour laws of Vietnam and recorded in the employer's internal labour rules.

The parent company will be liable for the financial obligations of any subsidiaries to the extent of its capital contribution amount, as registered with the licensing authorities of Vietnam and as stated in each subsidiary's charter.

If such changes lead to the termination of two or more employees, the employer is required to form and implement a "labour usage plan" in conjunction with the grassroots trade union the trade union within the company or the executive committee of the trade union at the directly superior level if a grassroots trade union has not been established within the company.

The first issue was released in which was the first in-depth sector research for consumer finance in Vietnam. New Zealand's average milk and dairy good consumption per capita Figure The time frame for obtaining a temporary residence card is five working days from the submission of a complete application file.

Liquid milk market share in Figure Accordingly, a company can be: The Labour Code explicitly states that it applies to foreign nationals working in Vietnam, and the general rule is that foreign nationals working in Vietnam must comply with the Vietnamese labour laws, unless an international treaty to which Vietnam is a member states otherwise.

Further if such acts causes "loss" or "damage" to the Rep. Special sales tax SST SST is a form of excise tax that applies to the production or import of certain goods and the provision of certain services, such as cigarettes, liquor, and lotteries. Are restrictive agreements and practices regulated by competition law.

Interest paid to foreign corporate shareholders. Office must not generate a profit. Non-tax resident business is referred to as "foreign contractor" under Vietnamese tax laws. If the establishment licence is not issued within the stipulated time limit then the licence issuing body must provide a written notification to the parent company to explain the reasons for the delay.

Any violation may subject the violator to a fine, confiscation, or even a criminal punishment. However, the Vietnam labour legislation does not apply to foreign nationals who are working in Vietnam through an internal company transfer under a foreign employment contract. His practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions, joint venture, equity and capital financing and banking transactions throughout the Southeast Asian region.

Production quantity of powdered milk Figure We amortize intangible assets acquired in connection with acquisitions. Offices to seek and expedite opportunities but also to conduct extensive business activities. An employee who does not satisfy the conditions set out above is regarded as a non-resident of Vietnam.

This is a question of business model which we analyzed in details in terms of market share, NIM, NPL, market coverage, and number of products. Condensed milk wholesale price in the market Figure Cheese production and consumptionF Figure Impose conditions on other enterprises to conclude purchase or sales contracts.

Instead of requiring minimum thresholds, the new rules allow local Vietnamese authorities extremely wide discretion whether to allow or reject foreign workers. This business vehicle will be applicable for business sectors that contain no limitations on foreign ownership.

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The deadline for the business license tax is 30 January Number of cows by region Figure Are mergers and acquisitions subject to merger control.

Must the profits of a foreign subsidiary be imputed to a parent company that is tax resident in your jurisdiction controlled foreign company rules. A trade mark will be refused registration if it is: SC An SC, also known as a joint stock company, is a Vietnamese corporation in which the charter capital is divided into equal portions called shares.

Vietnam: Foreign Investment 18 July Foreign investment continues to be the main driving force behind Vietnam’s advancing economy.


Since the Government’s introduction of investment reforms, the Doi Moi policy, inVietnam’s economy has continued its rising trend. Vietnam financial services league tables Vietnam: League tables November 1st Ranked lists show the leading firms in diverse parts of the financial industry.

Nov 13,  · Vietnam National Oil and Gas Seeking To Sell Stake in BSR Jun 3 17 Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group is seeking to sell % stake in Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited.

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74 Nestlé Annual Report I Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated income statement for the year ended 31 December In millions of CHF Notes (a) Sales 3 92 89 Other revenue Cost of goods sold (48 ) (47 ).

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Annual Report Financial report of vietnam company act
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