Administrative reform in bd

Functional needs and requirements of the government, job requirement or various service and posts, cost of living, resources of the government and public sector enterprises, reduction of disparity between the highest and the lowest salary levels, demand and supply of various profession and occupation.

It wanted the village to be the fundamental unit of local government. In marking its recommendation, the commission had to consider some factors such as: But it has been observed that, in many cases, development programs are undertaken and executed to serve the narrow party interest of the political party in power at the expense of the national interest.

The institutional mechanisms, both internal and external, are also weak to monitor the translation of these into concrete administrative actions. Since its emergence as a nation- state, Bangladesh has been trying hard to reshape its administrative system. No major segment within the civil service supported the recommendations.

In the economic sector, local private, and international and multinational initiatives are quite successful in various ventures while the government is found unsuccessful in managing and running public enterprises. To strengthen the local government system, the commission stressed the need for creating a permanent local government commission, independent of the executive control, to supervise, review, control and monitor functions of the local government units and to suggest appropriate measures.

The recommendations of the MLC were accepted by the military government. Consequently, the Implementation Division came up with pay plan which was a compromise between the two.

The far-reaching recommendations of the ASRC made no impact on the government and remained shelved as classified documents, as was the case with the previous ones during Pakistani rule. However, the SGS was not empowered to collect funds to discharge its responsibilities.

Though crime may be committed, the real nature of the emergency here may be political or economic or communal. Again, the rule of law must be considered as an important dimension for sustainable democracy, accountable administration and equitable development.

This reinvented role of the government necessitates redefining the role of the bureaucracy. Awami League staged a comeback to power in In marking its recommendation, the commission had to consider some factors such as: II and III as senior policy and management posts and tightening selection procedure for entrance into senior management positions.

No matter how much a government tries, success will not be attained if it lacks competent institutions to implement policies. However, it can be argued that development, when considered as a multi-dimensional concept, cannot be attained and sustained without good governance. On the other hand, government of the time also opted for a mixed economy.

The other feature of Bangladesh politics is the excessive reliance on exercising executive authority by keeping the parliament in the dark. As a result, the role and functions of the government in Bangladesh has become all encompassing from the centre to the grassroots level.

On the other hand, external mechanisms are specific parliamentary standing committees and effective role of the political parties in parliament and constructive role of the press and media. The problem faced by the government immediately after liberation was to restore the civil administration and to transform the existing provincial administration into a central one.

The ASRC felt that individuals should be recruited to various grads as in the public service on the basis of merit as tested by their performance in competitive public examination. No systematic measures have been taken so far to streamline the institutional integration of popular interests and technical expertise at all levels of government.

In Pakistani rulers replaced the British and dominated the area then known as East Pakistan until a bitter war in brought about an independent Bangladesh. These commitments are made in a democratic polity by the political parties both in power and aspiring to go to power.

Committee meetings are not held regularly and ministers in many cases do not attend the meetings. Three elements are involved in it, the police, the magistracy and the judiciary Ali, et. Government and administration were seen not merely as a regulator but as a facilitator. Recommending rationalization and standardization of pay scales of those who served under erstwhile central and provincial governments.

This reinvented role of the government necessitates redefining the role of the bureaucracy.

Administrative Reform in Bd

The parishad also implemented government policies and programmes at the upazila level and performed other functions entrusted to it from time to time by the government.

Besides, this period also witnessed the creation of a number of public enterprises especially in the economic sector Sobhan and Ahmed The Government has implemented some of the interim recommendations of the commission.

This paper explores the interplay between politics and administrative reform in Bangladesh by drawing some perspectives from other developing countries. It covers the period both before and after democratization of the country, hinging around the events ofand thus provides the opportunity for comparisons.

First Administrative Reforms Commission The first ARC was constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs under Government of India by resolution no.

40/3/AR(P) dated 5 January In the resolution, the composition of the ARC, the mandate of the commission and the procedures to. Brief Review of Administrative Reforms in Bangladesh: Since the emergence of the country, a number of commissions and committees (for details, please see Annex-A) were constituted by different governments for administrative reform and reorganization to suit the needs of their respective policy declarations.

reform is a priority task for the nation. On the other hand, administrative reform is not being carried out earnestly. According to reports, the government is having difficulty even in finding a stable chairman for the administrative reform commission. There is a long history of administrative reform commissions in Bangladesh.

Administrative reform (hereafter, AR) as the deliberate use of authority and influence to apply new measures to an administrative system so as to change its goals, structure, procedures and behavior of public bureaucracy with a view.

50 Administrative Reform in Bangladesh: An Overview of Political Dynamics visible in the reform reports.

Administrative Reforms Commission

The international communities can be of importance in the process of reform and change in.

Administrative reform in bd
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